Super-Soft Premium Nylon Dog Leashes

Super-Soft Premium Leashes

These are the softest and most pliable leashes you’ve ever seen. So smooth, they’re a pleasure to hold. You can stuff an entire 6′ leash in your pocket, but made from mountain climbing webbing so they’re super strong.

The slip models prevent accidental choking and are infinitely adjustable for any size dog. The snap models terminate with a corrosion resistant, metal snap which will connect to any standard collar, martingale or harness. Both models are available in 4′ and 6′ length.

These premium leashes are available in two solid colors – bright royal blue and a deep red paprika. These colors provide a striking complement for many of our collars, martingales and harnesses. For example, consider a royal blue premium leash with the nautical blue Sylvans martingale collar, or the red paprika leash with a Speedway red harness.