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Dog Training Toys

Genuine Dog Gear offers a large selection of top quality training toys, for use with dogs training for Obedience, Agility, Flyball, and other competitions

Sylvans Designer Line

The Sylvans line includes top quality Designer dog collars, martingales, leashes, harnesses and more, available in a wide selection of patterns and colors.

Free Accessory

Every order with at least one product flagged 'GDG" or "Sylvans" includes your choice of our training clicker, 5" Frisbee or Genuine Dog "Gearabiner" Free!

Professional Dog Training Toys

Genuine Dog Gear training supplies are of the best quality and used by top trainers for competition preparation. You’ll find interactive dog toys for every purpose, every breed, and size of dog here. 

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Products are made from real animal hide so there may be areas with imperfections.
We utilize the whole animal hide for cost efficiency and to avoid waste.

Newest Products

Interactive Dog Toys

When you use our equipment exercising with your dog can become fun and stress free. Focus on fun and reduce performance anxiety for you and your dog by turning training into a game of play to win. It’s easy with Genuine Dog Gear training toys.

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Our Story

Sylvan and Sons manufactures most of the products we offer in our South Daytona shop. These include the “Sylvans Designer” line of dog collars, martingales, leashes and harnesses, and the “Genuine Dog Gear” line of top quality training toys for Agility, Flyball, Competition and other training uses. We also offer select products manufactured by other carefully selected American companies. Everything in our store is manufactured right here in the USA.

Exclusive Provider of Sylvan & Sons Designer Products

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