Enjoy Training with Interactive Dogs Toys!

Training your dog to be a stand up pooch has never been better than with Genuine Dog Gear’s interactive dog toys. We are proud to bring you the best quality in our American-made dog training toys and accessories. We have a grand selection of products for perfecting your dog’s AKC obedience levels for a great price. We know your dog will be jumping up and down to get a hold of these toys that will not disappoint in durability and fun! 
We know that Fido’s energy can long outlast ours, yet our training toys make training easy for both of you. Your dog can learn all the tricks with our unique collection of training toys customized for attention and agility training. Our wide collection of toys that include such items as sheepskin tugs, bungee wonder bars, and buffalo tail chasers will stimulate your dog’s senses of sight and touch, and train them on recalling when and how to behave with these toys. 

The Perfect Level of Stimulation With Our Interactive Dog Toys

For example, the sheepskin tug is highly durable and crafted with your dog’s keen senses of sight, touch, and jaw strength in mind, with shaggy or short fur. It has a realistic scent and bite for dogs to sink their teeth into during a game of tug while learning restraint. 
Our bungee wonder bars come in assorted sizes and are packed with 100% sheepskin scraps. Your dog will enjoy the texture and scent during any training exercise. The bungee handle provides a bounce to the toy, and the nylon webbing handle is sturdy yet comfortable around the hands and wrists. 
Our buffalo interactive dog toys are also a great choice for training! From the sight-stimulating tassels of the bison tail to the fur-real feel of the buffalo tail chaser, your dog will be in heaven. The handles on these toys are strong, and available in long sizes to play and train your dog in an upright position. 

Training With Martingale Leashes

We also carry the handy martingale leash. These are used to provide a friendly prompt during training, or even as you take your dog on a walk. This humane harness allows you to exercise a gentle control over your excited pup. The leash retracts at the neck and keeps your dog secure, but will not obstruct the windpipe. Our leashes come in various designs such as Camo, Zebra, and Leopard, along with padded dog collars and padded handles. 
Genuine Dog Gear is satisfied to offer you top quality in dog training toys to guarantee a fun and creative workout for your dog as you train with them or enjoy a day at the park! Any of our interactive dog toys will provide an awesome experience for you and your dog.