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Roxanne – New Smyrna Beach, FL on 07/07/2016
Excellent service. I ordered a new collar and leash for my dog thru Amazon and they came faster than promised, they were well packaged and exactly as expected at a great price. Will definitely shop again!

Doris – 06/30/2016
I am here to sing the praises of this great company. Not something we see very often these days. So here is my story…. I ordered a leash back in December. I have three and my dogs and I love them! I thought I would share one with a friend. I was out of state over the Christmas holiday. I expected the leash to be delivered to my home while I was away. But when I returned there was no leash. :[ I checked the tracking number on-line and it said out for delivery but that was before Christmas and still it was not received. So I sent an email to GDG. They looked it up and asked me to check with my local post office. But they also told me that they would send me a replacement at no cost! So if the leash was stolen or simply lost in the mail they were going to make it right! Awesome! After checking with the post office, I found that the street address was missing so the package had been returned to the sender. When I looked at my order, somehow I did not enter the street address properly. I let GDG know and offered to pay for the shipping as this was my error. But no! They took partial responsibility and sent me the leash a second time! I received the leash about two days later! All I can say is that John Pringle is simply awesome! He responded promptly to each email I sent. He was very professional and took care of me. :] Thank you GDG best customer service ever!!!

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