Bungee Products

Many of our toys and leashes are designed with a built-in bungee. If your dog is a real tugger, a bungee will reduce shock to your hand, wrist and arm. At the end of a long day, this can make a big difference in comfort! It’s like the difference between driving a car with good shock absorbers versus one with no shocks.

You’ll find Bungee options for many toys. Some toys have “with” and “without” bungee options, while others are stricly bungee models. You’ll find long toys, short toys and in-between length toys. We have bungee toys in short hair (“Sheepy”) sheepskin, “Shaggy” (long haired) sheepskin, Buffalo and Rabbit. We have “Wonder Bars” and “Bottle Wrappers” in bungee models, too.

If the toy you like doesn’t happen to come in a bungee version, check out the Bungee Extender! This simple handle will convert any toy with a loop or hole to a bungee toy. It also enables you to use your dog’s favorite toy as both a short version (without the Extender) and a long version with the Extender, making the toy more useful for both close-in and longer range work.

You’ll also find a complete line of Bungee Leashes, in two sizes and three colors. Our Bungee Coupler connects to two dogs at once, making the leash much more manageable. Instead of one dog going south and the other going in circles while you struggle to clear a backlash in the leashes, maintain control with a Bungee Coupler.

Bungee Products – Increased comfort for you and your dog!