Dog Training & Trial Accessories


Essentials and goodies! Our accessories and agility trail gear covers an eclectic mix of everything from the really essential Tunnel Snuggers the tunnel securing system that is lightweight and secure, to ditty bags to hold all your agility goodies without falling over and spilling your stuff. Also trialing and training supplies that you just gotta get like our logo dog training clickers and cool dog t shirts!

Dog Trial Accessories That Bring Your Dog to Peak Performance

If you are a trainer or owner of an agility or competition dog, you know that dog trial accessories are key to training your dog to be ready for competition or obedience. It can be difficult to find appropriate training tools for dogs, particularly active dogs that can be tough on supplies and toys. If you are looking for dog training accessories, either for your competition dog or to play with your dog and help them learn obedience or tricks, then Genuine Dog Gear has the supplies you need. American made quality, durability, and functionality are all hallmarks of Genuine Dog Gear training toys, whether you are looking for tug toys, sound toys, treat-based toys, or agility equipment.

Dog Trial Accessories With Durability in Mind

While no dog toy or training aid will stand up to a dog’s play forever, you don’t want to be replacing your tug toys after every use. With Genuine Dog Gear dog trial accessories, you get toys that are American made for quality and value. Our toys are built tough for tough dogs and rough play. Whether it’s a fur tug toy for tugging play or a crinkly bottle toy for sound stimulation, you can find toys that will endure numerous rounds of play and stimulation training. Our tugs come in several varieties, from webbing tugs to fur-covered to fleece and buffalo. With this variety, you are certain to find one that your dog favors, an important part of any tug toy. Machine washable and drool and drip resistant, our tug toys are great for tough dogs who play hard and trainers who work to train their dogs to the peak of performance.

Why Use Tug Toys For Training Instead of Some Other Treat?

Tug toys make excellent training tools for dogs, as they play on a dog’s natural biting and pulling instincts. Tug toys help develop muscle conditioning and support weight shifting skills which are important in agility courses. Furthermore, tug toys stimulate a dog, allowing them to focus more readily on the trainer. They can be used before training sessions or as a reward to supplement obedience and reinforce an owner or trainer’s commands. Tugs have the benefit of connecting play and reward back to the trainer – rather than focusing the dog’s attention away from their trainer onto a treat or thrown toy. If you want the ultimate in tug toys – or other dog trial accessories – Genuine Dog Gear has the training tools you need.

Cartoon of dog on ramp © Gnurf | – Agility Dog Photo