Animal Hide Toys

Many of our most popular training toys are made with real animal hide. Most dogs are attracted to animal hide toys because they provide several stimuli: sight, scent, taste and texture.

We have toys made of shearling sheepskin (short hair, which we call “Sheepy), unshorn sheepskin (long hair, which we call “Shaggy”), buffalo, cowhide and rabbit. We use only natural animal hides, with no dyes. All of our animal hide toys are made in the USA, right here in our South Daytona manufacturing facility.

Our animal hide toys are strong and durable, but a note of caution. We like to say that our training toys are intended to have a dog at one end and a human at the other. They’re not intended to be given to the dog to play with on its own. Your dog will love our animal hide toy precisely because he can chew on it – and chew it he will! When used as intended, with you or your trainer holding the toy at one end, our animal toys are effective interactive dog training tools. When given to the dog on its own – it’s a snack!