Wholesale Program for Genuine Dog Gear / Sylvan & Sons

Genuine Dog Gear offers unique interactive dog training toys for agility, flyball, obedience andgeneral training, as well as braided fleece leashes, long lines, and tabs. Sylvan & Sons manufactures premium dog and cat collars, martingales, harnesses and leashes. Products for both lines are American made, machine washable, and guaranteed against material or manufacturing defects. You can find information for both lines of products at our website: www.genuinedoggear.com.

Orders are placed online at www.genuinedoggear.com. Once your account is established, we will create a login unique to your business so that you can access the website with wholesale pricing. To establish a Wholesale account we require a $300 minimum for the first order, and a minimum of $75 per order for subsequent orders. Orders are prepaid via the GDG website by credit card.

Wholesale Orders: All Wholesale Orders are processed in the order in which we receive them. Wholesale Orders are not pulled from retail stock and are made when ordered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Internet listings of our products, regardless of website, must list prices at or above the MSRP retail prices listed in the current Genuine Dog Gear/Sylvan & Sons price lists. Vendors are permitted to run promotions and sales with prices listed below the published MSRP, provided the duration of such events is limited to two weeks during any eight week period. Wholesale accounts are prohibited from listing Genuine Dog Gear/Sylvan & Sons products on US Amazon.com URL. Customers who violate these restrictions will be removed from the wholesale program.

SHIPPING PAYMENT: All wholesale orders are made when ordered, when your order is
complete you will be emailed a payable invoice for the actual shipping cost. You must click the link at the bottom and pay with your credit card, we only use USPS and FedEx (We use whichever is cheapest). We do not take checks and we cannot use a cc “on file” we do not have access to anyone’s cc, we can only refund to a cc used to place an order because your cc information is secretly stored in your account and we do not have access to it. YOUR ORDER WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL THE INVOICE IS PAID.

FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please be aware that the amounts for shipping charged on our invoices will NOT include any fees or duties imposed by Customs. The amount we invoice for shipping covers the physical transportation only. We will prepare the necessary Customs forms and ship them with the order. The amount of any fees or duties cannot be calculated in advance, and will be your responsibility when the shipment clears Customs. Also, the Amazon restrictions described in the previous paragraph do not apply to the Amazon site specific to your country. You may not advertise on the U.S. Amazon.com site, but you reserve the right to advertise on Amazon.xx, with xx being your country code.

I hope the above information has answered any questions you may have. If not, please feel free to call or email me at one of the numbers listed below. We look forward to welcoming you to our family of wholesale customers with your first order!


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For Our Retail Customers

Please understand that the retail outlets described in this page are independent companies, not owned by Sylvan and Sons or our principals. We will stand behind our products, but we cannot guarantee the customer service or other performance measures of these independent companies. We have to walk a fine line here. On the one hand, we want to know that the stores carrying our products are reputable companies who provide good customer service and honor any warranties. On the other hand, the fact that a company purchases products from us does not give us the right to interfere with the operation of their independent business.

Please understand also that if you purchase one of our products at a retail store, then that store is our customer while you are the store’s customer. You are our customer only indirectly.  We will take care of any problems that our customer brings to our attention, but we must necessarily deal with our customer (the store). We should not, and will not, deal directly with their customer (you). If you do have a problem please bring it to the attention of the retailer where you purchased the product. If you feel they are not providing you with proper service, please let us know and we’ll inquire to get their version of the situation.

Thank you for your interest in Sylvan and Sons / Genuine Dog Gear!