Designer Dog Collars

Your Four-Legged Best Friends Deserve Designer Dog Collars

They are patient and forgiving, fun and cuddly, the best listeners, ideal running partners, and the all-around best pal you may ever have. Don’t they deserve designer dog collars? Genuine Dog Gear produces American made, high quality canine training aids, toys, leashes, collars, and harnesses. Our products are a favorite among both professional dog trainers and pet owners. 

All Genuine Dog Gear and Sylvan & Sons products are designed and manufactured by our family of animal lovers. We understand the need for interactive training toys for trainers and enthusiasts training their dogs for Agility, Flyball and other competitions. We consult routinely with professional trainers and pet store owners for new product design. Our entire line of dog products is unconditionally guaranteed against any manufacturer defects. The Sylvan & Sons line is machine washable and also comes with a one-time repair or replacement warranty for chew damage. 

Designer Dog Collars and Leashes That Perform

In addition to our fine dog collars, we also make an extensive line of leashes and training lines. Our braided leashes are one of our most popular lines, as the braided fabric is both safe for a dog’s teeth and comfortable in the trainer’s hand. Our Genuine Dog Gear logo leashes are an affordable, standard alternative, while our fur leashes are created from a high-tech micro-fiber fur which is tough, yet soft. The braided fleece and fur leashes are recommended for competition training, as they are much more comfortable than a traditional nylon leash. 

All of these leashes come in three “attachment” options. The standard “snap” connects easily to an existing collar or dog harness. The “slip” style slips over your dog’s neck to double as a leash and collar. Our exclusive “Humane” leashes include an adjustable built-in collar with two size adjustments to guarantee a snug, yet comfortable, fit around your pet’s neck. 

We also offer bungee products perfect for jogging or walking multiple dogs, martingale collars for dogs, multipurpose leashes to eliminate the need for multiple leashes, and long and light lines which are great for training and tracking. Our long lines can be ordered in lengths from 10 to 50 feet. 

Custom Color Toys and Leashes

For the most coordinated dog on the block, order a custom color leash to complement their designer dog collars. You can order select dog toys and braided leashes in your choice of two to four colors (depending on the product). Choose your favorite colors, your team colors, or colors to match their fancy dog collars. Your four-legged friend deserves nothing but the best. Shop Genuine Dog Gear online or in your local pet store for your designer dog collars.