Fancy Dog Collars

Fabulous and Fancy Dog Collars

You and your pooch princess have been searching through pictures of fancy dog collars for the one that fits your darling dog diva’s personality. Her highness needs the haute couture of dog collars; nothing but the best will do for your lovable ball of fluff. 

Because your charming canine needs to be safe and secure, you’ve only been looking at Martingale collars for dogs. The only problem you have is finding one that is worthy of your precious puppy. Worried, you continue your exploration among the sizable offerings the internet provides.

Fancy Dog Collars for Your Finicky Friend

Only one company on the web offers the solution for dog owners looking for designer dog collars: Genuine Dog Gear. Nowhere else will you find American-made quality and extraordinary customer service wrapped up in one complete package. As you peruse our website, tears of delight will fill your eyes as you realize that our designer Martingale dog collars won’t bankrupt your budget. Go ahead, scroll through all our accessories with your furry baby on your lap. We won’t tell. 

Fashion Savvy for the Most Fastidious Dog

Our Sylvans Designer line is where you will find our exclusive and most fancy dog collars. Our Martingale collars are sure to please the most finicky of man’s best friends. There is definitely a collar that will fit any personality. 

Perhaps your dog likes to be in the water; we have a Marina Nautical or a First Mate collar that would be perfect. If you have a patriotic pooch, our Stars and Paws Martingale collar will provide sighs of pleasure from your pup. Or, maybe, your dog is a little on the wild side. We have a Safari Nights Leopard print that will soothe the inner beast. Genuine Dog Gear wants you to have the perfect collar for your dog training. 

More Than Stylish Dog Accessories

We at Genuine Dog Gear provide more than the most stylish training aids for your amazing animal. As you continue to look through our website, you will notice that our attention to detail in our product development is second to none. We also offer free shipping on any order over $25. 

All our Genuine Dog Gear toys are 100% guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials. Our Sylvans designer line has an unconditional guarantee against defect of workmanship and materials. 

Don’t forget to check out our policies before you order. Our customer service is unparalleled. No other dog training toy company has as many satisfied customers as we do. Our fancy dog collars may grab your attention, but our business ethics and caring customer service will make you buy.