Martingale Collar

You and Your Dog Will Love Our Chic, Quality Martingale Collars!

Genuine Dog Gear produces amazing products for dog trainers and dog lovers alike to use with their dogs. We have martingale collars that can be used for training, or just as a safety measure for super enthusiastic dogs. Providing you with a gentle control over a dog who likes to pull and yank, these collars help it to remain calm. They are the humane version of a slip collar since they do not choke or restrict the dog’s windpipe if they pull.

We offer the martingale leash for any size and breed dog, but they are especially great for Greyhounds and other sighthound breeds. You can take your pick of colors and designs that will best suit your dog in style and comfort!

Genuine Dog Gear has the martingale leashes with martingale collars already built in. We have gotten requests to also make padded collars and padded handles, and now they are available! These collars include a padded bite zone and an extended hand grip. The handles are comfortable around the wrist and hand. The leash is long and perfect for owners who do not like bend over. It will provide enough length for the dog to be comfortable.

Our collars comes in an array of colors that so you and Fido can match on the way out for a walk, a trip to the park, or even a visit to the vet. You can choose from zebra or leopard print, with the latter in blue or purple for those who enjoy a trendy look. We also have fire and camo designs for a more outdoorsy look! And don’t forget classic looks with cool colors like pink and black. You will be pleased with whichever choice you make.

Sylvan and Sons’ Designer Martingale Collars

We are proud to present our parent company, Sylvan and Sons, which offers a designer line including the fancy martingale dog collar. This collection of dog collars comes in wonderful styles like Crazy Dazie floral designs in purple, pink, and blue; Polka Dot in pink and green; and nautical themes in red and white Marina and the blue and white First Mate.

You don’t have to worry about these dog collars wearing out. Yet if your pooch has a habit of making anything into a toy (or a meal), Sylvan and Sons offers a one-time replacement for any damaged collar. At our discretion, we will replace or repair your chew-damaged item. We guarantee our products to be all-American-made with quality that is chew resistant, rust proof, colorfast, and machine washable. You can’t go wrong with our martingale collars that will provide comfort and safety for your dog with style!