Martingale Collars for Dogs

Finding a Fun and Fancy Martingale Collar for Dogs

As a proud dog owner, you want the best training aids for your pet. A Martingale collar for dogs may provide the best option for your pet’s leash training. Originally created for breeds with smaller skulls, you will find that this collar is used for all different breeds today. And, for those dog owners that want something stylish for their best friend, there are many unique options available.

How a Martingale Collar for Dogs Works

As you train your dog, you want your animal to be kept safe and secure. You also want them to be completely comfortable on their leash. Martingale collars consist of two loops. The large loop is adjustable, and can be sized to fit loosely around your dog’s neck. The leash is attached to the D ring on the smaller loop, also known as the control loop.

When your dog tries to pull his head out of the collar, the tension on the leash pulls the smaller loop taut, which tightens the larger loop around the dog’s neck, preventing them from escaping. This happens without choking the dog the way a choke collar does.

Advantages of Martingale Collars

When you use a Martingale collar for dogs, you are providing your dog with a collar that is comfortably loose unless they are trying to escape. Other collars must be uncomfortably tight all the time, otherwise they may slip over the ears of the dog. This is especially true for your average buckle collar.

Because a Martingale collar is only taut when necessary, there is no skin irritation, fur breakage, or any other damage that could happen to your dog’s neck. There is also no pressure put on the dog’s trachea,  the way a choke collar does. In addition to all these benefits, you can find a fancy Martingale dog collar for those who are fashion savvy.

Designer Collars at Non-Designer Prices

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