Martingale Leash

Martingale Leash: Durable and Fashion Conscience

Do you own a furry fashionista that has to make sure her martingale leash matches the bow in her hair? Does she turn up her cold, black nose at the sight of pink? Does her tail wag excitedly at animal print? Your sophisticated pooch may want to be the designer darling of the canine world, but the available fashion options leave her whining in terror. How can you rectify such a potentially heartbreaking situation?

The Sylvan’s Martingale Leash: Stylish and Sassy

Our martingale leash comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Stripes, solids and animal prints are all available to outfit your little prince or princess. Our martingale leash is a one-piece design, with combination leash and martingale collar made in a continuous run of the color and pattern you choose. 

We don’t import our products from China or anywhere else. Every Genuine Dog Gear leash, toy, and accessory is 100 percent American made quality and backed by the guarantees that you will discover as you peruse our website.

Collars and More: Fun and Fancy

Fancy dog collars are a definite must for the savvy puppy. To buckle or not to buckle is the question. Perhaps a collar bow will help create the elegant fashion statement that your doggy diva longs for. Or maybe a dog harness is more your style as your pampered pooch’s owner. 

Our array of designs are sure to please the most finicky fashion star. To help you find the perfect fit for your dog’s neck, we offer a sizing guide that you will see as you explore our website. You want your baby to be as comfortable as possible!

Quality and Customer Service: Our Piece de Resistance

As we mentioned, all our products are made in America. We understand man’s best friend is indeed a member of your family. When you order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail detailing the item or items you purchased. Free shipping is provided for any order over $25. 

Because we want your charming canine to enjoy their leash or collar as soon possible, we ship most orders within 48 hours. Of course, custom orders may take a little longer, but are worth the wait! Because we provide such a superior product, the quality is incomparable to anything you may find at any discount or pet store. Our prices are competitive. 

For the avid agility training enthusiast, our dog gear is luxurious and durable. Guaranteed to be drip and drool resistant, our products will last a long time. So, grab a martingale leash out of our store, and indulge your dog with a stylish walk.