Martingale Leashes

How a Martingale Leashes Can Help Your Dog

If you are looking for the perfect training collar and leash for your dog, a martingale leashes is the answer. Martingale leashes and collars are an excellent alternative to standard collars and choke collars, providing comfort for your dog in a manner that is safe and also allows you to use the collar for training. Martingale collars come in many stylish options to show off your favorite colors and your dog’s and your own style. Genuine Dog Gear offers a variety of martingale leash options for you and your dog’s comfort. 

What Makes Martingale Leashes Different?

What makes a martingale different from a standard collar or a choke collar? While originally designed for dogs with smaller heads who liked to slip their collars, martingales boast several features that make them a great choice for training and everyday use. Martingales leashes work by utilizing a second, smaller loop called the “control loop” or “leash loop” attached to the collar. The leash is attached to the control loop, which is mobile on the collar. Thus, when necessary, the leash can be used to pull upon the control loop to tighten the collar as needed. When not being pulled, the collar remains wide and relaxed, providing comfort for the dog. Narrow and wide martingale collars are a better choice for many dogs who try to escape their collars because, when not being restrained, the collar remains loose and does not irritate the dog’s skin or neck. They also make a safer and more comfortable training tool than choke collars, as pressure is gently applied to and distributed over the entire neck, and not just to the dog’s trachea. Today, Genuine Dog Gear offers numerous designer martingale dog collars to give you a choice of martingale collars that suit you style and needs.

Fashion Savvy for the Most Fastidious Dog

Our Sylvans Designer line is where you will find our exclusive and most fancy dog collars. Our Martingale collars are sure to please the most finicky of man’s best friends. There is definitely a collar that will fit any personality.

Perhaps your dog likes to be in the water; we have a Marina Nautical or a First Mate collar that would be perfect. If you have a patriotic pooch, our Stars and Paws Martingale collar will provide sighs of pleasure from your pup. Or, maybe, your dog is a little on the wild side. We have a Safari Nights Leopard print that will soothe the inner beast. Genuine Dog Gear wants you to have the perfect collar for your dog training.

Genuine Dog Gear Takes Martingales to Designer Levels

We at Genuine Dog Gear provide more than the most stylish training aids for your amazing animal. As you continue to look through our website, you will notice that our attention to detail in our product development is second to none. We also offer free shipping on any order over $25.

With a commitment to quality and customer service, Genuine Dog Gear offers a wide selection of designer martingale collars. With our American Made products you get a tough collar guaranteed to be free of defects and designed to meet all your needs for style and flair. Drip and drool resistant, our collars are designed for dogs that live and play hard, and owners that live and play with them.

Machine washable, adjustable, and available in a variety of colors, our collars and leashes are the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability. You can even find wide,velboa “fur” martingales for more cushy comfort for you and your pup! Keep your dog comfortable and your style and training program intact with a martingale leash from Genuine Dog Gear.