Multipurpose Dog Leashes

Multipurpose Dog Leashes For All Your Leashing Needs

If you frequently travel with your dog or need a leash that suits more than one purpose, a multipurpose dog leash is perfect for you. Dog owners and trainers may own a plethora of leashes. From short walking leashes to tie outs to double leads for multiple dogs, all those leashes can pile up into a Gordian Knot of leads. Wouldn’t it be great to unravel that knot into one, multipurpose dog leash that suits all your needs? With a multipurpose leash from Genuine Dog Gear, you can get one leash that suffices for all your regular tasks, works with any style collar, and comes in several stylish options to suit your and your dog’s styles. 

A Multipurpose Dog Leash Simplifies Leashing, Walking, and Training

Particularly for owners and trainers who work with their dogs in multiple settings, multiple leash styles and purposes become important. A standard leash doesn’t work for all tasks, and a walking lead versus martingale leashes or tie outs for outdoors all have different leash requirements lengths. With a multipurpose leash from Genuine Dog Gear, you get all of these tools in one. The multipurpose leash splits into two leads for walking multiple dogs. Additionally, the leash can be used with multiple collar styles, including martingale collars. The lead is also customizable to several lengths, from two feet to four feet to eight feet in length. The leash can be made hands free and used as an outdoor tie out as well. With all of these options, you will be able to ditch your pile of old leashes and reduce clutter from your dog equipment. 

Quality and Versatility in One

With Genuine Dog Gear, in addition to a useful tool, you also get durability, quality, and style. This multipurpose leash is one of many cool dog leashes we offer. Wrapped in soft, micro-fiber fur over a nylon braided interior, the leash is available in numerous bright colors and coordinating styles to suit your tastes and your dog’s personality. This combination of materials, in one American-made product, offers a quality and long-lasting solution guaranteed to be free of defects and to hold up to numerous uses. This machine-washable leash works well for dogs that live and play hard, letting you eliminate the grime and dirt with a quick toss into the washer. If you want to get rid of that clutter of leashes, choose a colorful and durable multipurpose dog leash from Genuine Dog Gear. 
Multipurpose Dog Leash