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The New Beefalo Racer!
The Beefalo Racer is a heavy duty variation of our popular SAR (Search and Rescue) Drag Racer. The basic design is the same, but instead of sheepskin the Beefalo is made with rugged Buffalo hide at the end and tough Cowhide on the middle section. This provides all the action and attraction of the Drag Racer, with heavy duty animal hides for extra durability.

The action on this toy is fantastic because the animal hide pieces are separated and they’re different sizes and weights. It rates a 10+ on the Attract-O-Meter for dogs. This toy is just about 6′ long end to end and features the same great microfiber fur over webbing interior that our we use on our flat tug leashes and fur force toys.

Available in assorted handle colors. We’ve pictured the new “Bengal Tiger” faux fur here, but you can can request any of the handle colors shown for the Drag Racer. We’ll fulfill your color request if we have it stock. (If not, we’ll ship what we have available.)

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