Bovine Bungee Wonder Bar


Bovine Wonder Bar Bungee

This toy offers a combination of smell, taste, bite and sight enticements to encourage your dog. It’s similar to the Wonder Bar Buffalo, except the square section of hide at the bottom is made with lower cost cowhide. The inside of the toy is stuffed with 100% real Buffalo hide and fur. For some dogs, the combination of two different hides will be more enticing than one alone.

The 2″ stuffed nylon webbing body is about 8″ long, the bungee part is 4″ and the handle is 8″ long. There is a 2.5″ long double sided hunk of buffalo on the bottom of the toy. Overall, this toy measures about 23″ from top to bottom.

There is a bungee shock absorber between the handle and the body of the tug toy to protect your hands and shoulders from all the frenetic doggie tugging action. This also tends to reduce wear and tear on the toy. When a big dog bites down hard and jerks with all his might, something’s got to give! The bungee can provide that “give,” and that’s better than “give” coming from the toy – or your arm!

The handle is long lasting and soft 100% nylon webbing which is a full 1″ wide.

This is a dog tug that you’ll be glad you’ve got when you need extra motivation. Because it’s super durable and has the highly attractive smells of cowhide and buffalo, your dog will be begging for this toy for a very long time.

These toys come in a wide variety of color combinations. Please let us choose.

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