Bungee Extender


This toy handle extension provides bungee cushioning to any leash or toy with a loop or hole to connect to. Just push the open handle of the Extender through the loop or hole in the toy, then double the extender back through its own loop. Easy and versatile!

The Bungee Extender has many uses. The main intent is that it can be used to convert a short handled “Pocket” toy to a longer handle with bungee. It can also be used with Tug toys, leashes – anything you can connect it to!

The Bungee Extender comes in small and large sizes. Both are 20″ long; the difference is in the width of material. The black “connection loop” on the Small size is made of 9/16″ flexible nylon webbing, while the connection loop on the Large size is 1″ flexible webbing. Both sizes are inexpensive, so you can add one of each to your collection of training accessories for maximum flexibility.

The photos show the Bungee Extender connected to a Beastie Tug and a Stampede Pocket Tug, as samples of how it can be used. Those samples are not included with the Extender, of course.

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