EZ One Piece Halter & Leash


One piece halter and leash combo – ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

If your dog needs more control than a collar provides, then this dog halter is a great tool to use while walking. The figure-8 style halter can be adjusted to fit any size dog, and the adjustment slides on the leash tighten behind the head to help prevent neck injuries.

This dog halter has very soft webbing to reduce chafing caused by rougher head halters. It comes in Black and Red.

The EZ Halter & Leash is machine washable and very durable. All of our dog products are 100% made in the USA and guaranteed against any defects in workmanship or materials.

The EZ One Size Fits All Halter Versus the “Guide Dog” Head Halter in Five Sizes

The EZ One Size Head Halter and the Guide Dog Head Halters share the same basic design, but with one key difference. The EZ One Size Halter is one continuous length of webbing comprising the halter and a built-in matching leash. When installing the halter, you’ll adjust two slides to set the size. (One slide sets the size, then the second  serves  to lock the first slide in place.) The point where those slides rest could be considered the boundary between “halter” and “leash.” (Not that it matters with the One Size EZ Halter, but it’s helpful for this explanation.) The length of the leash will vary between approximately 50″ to 60″, depending on the size of the dog. The larger the dog’s head the more webbing will be used for the halter, which makes the leash a bit shorter. So, the largest dog will have about 50″ of leash and the smallest dog about 60″.

The Guide Dog Head Halter has the same design halter, but does not include a built in leash. This is more convenient if you intend to keep the halter on the dog when off-leash. But it’s less convenient if you expect to use the leash all the time, so it comes down to a matter of preference. The Guide Dog Halter terminates in a D-Ring, for attachment to any leash with a standard snap. The halter includes the same two slides as the EZ Halter for adjusting the slides. When the halter is on the dog and adjusted to fit, this creates a short “tail” between the adjustment slides and the D-Ring.

This Halter comes in five sizes, from Extra Small to Extra Large. We’re sometimes asked why we have five sizes of Head Halter, when the EZ Halter is “One Size Fits All.” The answer lies in the “tail” described above for the models without the leash. Because of the adjustable figure-8 design, the Extra Large size can be adjusted to fit even the smallest dog. However, a large halter on a small dog will result in that “tail” being too long, to the point it might drag on the ground. Ideally, you’ll adjust the fit and have just an inch or two in the “tail.” If you can’t decide between two sizes, choose the larger. If the halter is larger than necessary, you’ll have an extra inch or two of “tail” but it will be perfectly usable. If it’s too small, you won’t be able to fit it over the dog’s head.

One more point: because the Head Halter model can be used off-leash, it includes a short “Safety Keeper.” This can be used to connect the Head Halter to a regular collar, to prevent the dog from removing the halter when you’re not looking. This Safety Keeper is not included with the One Size EZ Halter, because the dog is always “on-leash.” The Safety Keeper can be purchased separately if you want to attach an EZ Halter to a regular collar.

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