Genuine Dog Gear “Gearabiner”



The “Gearabiner” is a multi-purpose organizer – a metal carabiner with a nylon web handle. The carabiner measures a large 3″ and the handle about 7″ in length. Because the handle is made of our Genuine Dog Gear logo webbing, we’ve kept the price low!

One popular use for the Gearabiner is to attach a leash to your belt, for hands-free jogging, to control Fido while you text, and so forth. The caribiner clip in the Gearabiner is large enough to attach your purse, your car keys, and anything else you have in your hands, too! (Just don’t make yourself so lopsided you hurt your back!)

Use the Gearabiner to connect all those toys your dog loves, so that you have one handle to hold onto instead of half a dozen. Or use it for your dog’s collection of collars and martingales, or for your own keys – anything with a loop or hole you can attach the carabiner to.

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