Sheepy Chaser


Economical and real SHEEPSKIN this toy has great action and a long handle for tugging comfort.Watch the super action on this toy! This newest addition to the DRAG RACER/CHASER line is streamline to be affordable to trainers on a budget.A great big bite zone of real Sheepskin and leather is combined with 100% Nylon webbing handle for maximum handler comfort, stand upright and save your back! This handle gives you the edge with great flipping and jumping action to entice your dog into a leaping and tugging frenzy.

The toy is 38″ overall, the Sheepskin portion completely covers the bottom 7″ for delicious scent and bite attraction.Colors of fur will vary widely. You can request a specific color of handle, and if we have it in stock we’ll ship that color for you, if we don’t have your color in stock we’ll ship what we have on the shelf.

This is a great toy for small dogs, dogs that like their toys near the ground (like terriers) dogs that like Sheepskin, and handlers who prefer to tug while standing upright.Of all the new toys in this bunch, this one is the hands down the most economical, the price point can’t be beat.

What a super super toy.Genuine Dog Gear products are guaranteed free of material or manufacturing defects. Products are not guaranteed for chew damage.Get yours right now, while still available.

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