Tug N Treat Goat with Bungee Handle


New!! Tug N Treat Goat with Bungee Handle

The Tug N Treat Rabbit with Bungee Handle is one of our more popular toys. Dogs love the scent and taste of real rabbit hide. Some dogs will love Goat hide even more and that’s what they’ll get with the new Tug N Treat Goat. We do not recommend washing this toy, as this will remove some of the taste and smell your dog craves.

As with the Rabbit version of this toy, the Goat hide is securely sewn to one side of a tough nylon food pocket. The pocket has a velcro closure, with pull tabs to make it easy to open. The handle is made of nylon webbing and includes a built-in bungee. The bungee reduces the shock and stress on your hand and arm, as well as the toy itself.

Make training games fun with food and toys!

These toys are durable and 100% made in the USA – super quality!

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New! Add SOUND!

Add sound stimulation to any of our Jackpot or Tug N Treat toys by inserting our “TNT Squeaky” (sold separately). See the list of Related Products for more details.

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