Tug N Treat Rabbit


New Design!

As we’ve explained elsewhere in the website, rabbit hide is the least durable fur we use. Because the hide will tear fairly easily, we design products to protect the hide so that your dog won’t tear it up the first time you use it. You’ll see rabbit fur as an option for several of our braided fleece products, where the fur lies inside the braid for protection.

The original Rabbit Tug N Treat design kept the rabbit fur away from the dog’s teeth by sewing it beneath a layer of yellow nylon mesh. This worked well for protecting the rabbit hide, but the mesh material is a bit rough for some dogs’ mouths.

So we ran some field trials with a new design for this product. We produced some prototypes made by sewing the rabbit hide to the outside of the nylon pocket, with stitching all the way around and criss-crossing the center in an “X” pattern. The theory is that with this design the dog can make direct contact with the rabbit hide, but he can’t really grab hold of it to rip and tear. His teeth will be on one side of the hide, but the other side is protected by two layers of the nylon material forming the pocket.

The results of the field trial are in: it’s a winner! Dogs love the new design and the reports are that it stands up just as well as the original design. Our trial customers think it’s more attractive, too.

Give it a try! Your dog is sure to love the new Tug N Treat Rabbit! Don’t forget we also offer this product in a version with a bungee handle.

New! Add SOUND!

Add sound stimulation to any of our Jackpot or Tug N Treat toys by inserting our “TNT Squeaky” (sold separately). See the list of Related Products for more details.

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