Frenzy Ring with Leash


Frenzy Ring With Leash

The Frenzy Ring tug toy will whip your dog into a frenzy! Strips of strong polyester fleece are double tied into a braided core ring for strength and durability. A 1″ x 3′ nylon leash is attached to give you safe control of the tug toy and the ability to drag and bounce the toy to really get your dog going! This toy offers plenty of bite area for any size dog.

Using the Frenzy Ring is like a matador with a bull. The solid center ring is fairly small, while the outer streamers are large by comparison. The dog will tend to grab at the outer streamers, but he’ll find there’s not much there to grab unless he finds the center! Ole!

This toy is also great for sight stimulated dogs. This tug toy is machine washable and rip and tear resistant. Available in assorted colors – please let us choose. All dog toys are made in the USA and guaranteed free of any defects in workmanship or materials.

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