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When you’re clicker training, you can’t have enough clickers. If you’re not clicker training, be sure to research the positive and motivational results that you can achieve with clicker training your dog. The basic concept is to make the click sound at the same time you provide a food reward until the dog associates the click with the reward. You can then provide immediate positive reinforcement, even when a treat reward is not possible (such as when the dog is jumping a hurdle).

Our Genuine Dog Gear logo clickers are made here in the USA and are super affordable! Adding a clicker or two to your order is a excellent way to bump your order up to the $25 minimum to get the free shipping option. It’s like getting the clickers for free!

These clickers are affordable enough to give as small gifts throughout the year. They make great stocking stuffers! Get a few extra now and keep them on hand for all your dog training friends!

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