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Mini Racer


The full sized Drag Racer is one of our most popular toys, but it’s a BIG toy and a bit much for a small dog. So we’ve introduced the “Mini Racer” as a smaller cousin to the large Drag Racer. The Mini Racer has the same basic design and the same fantastic action as its full-sized cousin, but all the pieces are scaled down to small-to-medium dog size. The toy measures about 30″ overall (including the fur). The “Shaggy” sheepskin piece at the end measures 1.5″ x 5″ (measuring the hide), while the “Sheepy” short haired sheepskin piece measures 1.5″ x 3″ measuring the hide. Both of the sheepskin pieces are actually 3″ wide, with the pieces folded in half to provide a double thick, double tough bite zone.

Like the Drag Racer, the Mini Racer is still long enough to drag in front of your dog to entice him through those obstacles giving him trouble. And the real sheepskin offers the same reward for a job well done as the full size version.

Available in assorted colors. You can request a handle color and if we have it in stock we’ll ship that color. (If we don’t have your color in stock, we’ll ship what we have in inventory.)

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